We are all on a journey. I don’t know where you are, but right now, I struggle. I struggle with letting go. I want to control. I want to arrange the things in my life. I want to be in charge.

I’ve heard the soft whisper from God, “You’re holding on too tightly.” In fact, I have heard it a lot lately. The more I get quiet and hear this whisper, the more I want to shut off the silence and get back to the business of controlling my world. And yet, haven’t you found like me, that the more you do this, the less control you really have anyway? At the heart of it all, it is a dis-trust in God, a faithless play that results in nothing.

Here’s what I would say to myself: You’re holding on too tightly, Andy. You’re demanding from God the very things that he wants to give you. But God doesn’t give to his child on His child’s terms. No, he gives on His terms. Imagine your son or daughter demanding that they get this or that. All along you wanted to give them the good things that he or she desires, but not like this – not in this way. You wouldn’t give the gift that you picked out especially for your child when he or she is screaming for it, would you?

So in learning this lesson, the only right response is to let go of the childish demands and trust in your loving Father. Pursue God with a reckless abandon to all other things. Your Father knows exactly what you need, and more than that, he is GOOD. He is a better father or mother than you or I could ever be. Guess what? He wants to give you good things…and He will.

(whisper) “You’re holding on too tightly…”


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Hello world!

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Spiritual Journey

Here’s the first of what may turn into a bit of an obsession.  Why do we blog anyway?  Why do we read other’s blogs?  Are we searching for an answer to some question in that deep place within?  Perhaps we don’t even know what the question is, but if we search hard enough, read enough of other’s thoughts, we may just stumble upon what that question is.  And in doing so, perhaps we even learn that we are not a whole lot different from everyone else.  We’re all on a journey.  Toward what? Well, that is really up to the journeyman.  I have many journeys.  One of those is a spiritual journey, and I would love for you to join me.  We can’t journey alone, that much I know.